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History of DTC

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) came into existence in 1971 as we know it today.  It was formed to improve efficiency and coordination in Delhi’s Public Bus Transport System.

The transformation of DTC from a local bus service company in 1948 to becoming Delhi’s lifeline carrying almost 25 Lakh passengers daily is mind-blowing! Click here to learn more about the history of DTC Busses!

History of DIMTS

DIMTS Cluster Non-AC Bus
DIMTS Cluster Non-AC Bus

Incorporated in 2007, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) is a joint venture between the Delhi Government (GNCTD) and IDFC Foundation, a non-profit arm of IDFC.

The idea behind DIMTS was to leverage the expertise of both the public and private sectors and execute complex transport-related projects in Delhi. Click here to learn more about DIMTS.

Types of DTC Buses in Delhi

With over 7000 buses and more than 800 routes in 2022, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has the largest bus fleet in India. DTC Bus Route caters to both intra-city and inter-city routes, prioritizing safe, reliable and comfortable transportation for residents of Delhi.

DTC and DIMTS together now offer 5 types of busses that provide for diverse passenger needs:

  1. Green (Non-AC)
    Green DTC Buses are the most affordable option to travel in and around Delhi. They have basic amenities like seats, lights and fans and are ideal for short routes.

  2. Red (with AC)
    Red DTC Buses provide a more comfortable option for travel. These buses are air-conditioned and are ideal for long routes.

  3. Blue Cluster Bus (AC)
    Blue Cluster buses are similar to Red DTC buses and are run in partnership with private players. These buses have the latest features like panic buttons, hydraulic lifts (for differently abled), CCTV and more.

  4. Blue Electric Bus (EV)
    Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, flagged the first electric DTC bus in January 2022 starting the journey towards an eco-friendly mode of public transport in Delhi. These buses offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to public transport buses in Delhi and eventually all of India.

  5. Orange Buses (Non-AC)
    Orange Buses are a collaboration between DTC and DIMTS and offer similar bus services to Green Buses

Each type of DTC Bus caters to diverse passenger needs, from budget-friendly options like the Green and Orange DTC Buses to more comfortable travel options like the Red and Blue DTC Buses.

The colour of a DTC bus signifies the type of service it offers, that is, AC, non-AC, low-floor, and more, and not the route it takes. The route a DTC bus takes depends on the DTC Bus Route Number, or simply the DTC Bus Number.

Important Resources

DTC Bus Route Customer Support Number

  1. +91-11-2337 0373 / 74
  2. +91-87440 73248

DIMTS Bus Route Customer Support Number

  1. +91-11-4309 0100

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